About me

imageI discovered philosophy, literature and a love of travelling while still in single digits. Photography happened at much the same time. Food? Well, that’s always been a part of my life, whether it be eating or cooking.

This blog meanders through all these loves, and any other eclectic musings which come my way. I aim is to blog twice a week, but life and what I plan rarely coincide. Bear with me, if you have the patience.

In the real world, I live with my husband, two kids and numerous pets on the Central Coast, NSW. My jobs include wife, mother, doctor, farmer, cheese maker and local witch

How many days feel

doctor – this covers just about everything from delivering alpacas and treating kids who have fallen head first into the washing machine.

I’ve worked as doctor for over 20 years, concentrating in the fields of Intensive Care, Critical Care, Coronary Care and General Medicine.

My fiction has been published in literary magazines, and placed in various literary competitions.  I’ve just finished my first novel, working on the second (literary agents 544and publishers, feel free to contact me).

My ambition is to be 80 and happy.

All photography on this site is my own (well, a few are my husband’s). Any reviews (books, restaurants, hotels etc.) are self-funded, the views my own. I have a few affiliate links; clicking on them sends a few cents my way (currently 4c / day).