On Making 50 Cents

earning money selling photos online
A vineyard in the Mornington Peninsular, Australia

So far this month I have made 50 cents selling my photos online. With so many blogs boasting of how they’ve retired to the Bahamas on their earnings, I’m finding my foray into the field pretty exciting.

making money selling photos on line
I’ve always liked elephant clouds

Considering I’ve been uploading photos to some micro-stock sites for a few months now, and have earnt nothing, I see this as an amazing improvement. At this rate of improvement, won’t be long until I can afford a glass half-full of champagne (never half empty).

earning money selling photos online
The dog next door

With these micro-stock sites you can apparently upload thousands of images per week. By the time I edit to my satisfaction, then title describe and tag, I’m lucky to do 3 photos a day. The fault must lie in my stars, not theirs.

earning money selling photos online
I would love to have my walls decorated like this

What’s more, this is 50 c US – that’s 66c AUS. Even better. With coffee at my favourite cafe in Naples being only 1 Euro, it’s looking good. And, technically, it’s a double digit income. Sweet!

earning money selling photos online
Look by the stairs – playing chess in a thermal spa

So I seem to have this whole earning a luxurious living as a writer / photographer / artist thing under control. As all those other success stories imply, easy! Shall keep you posted, hopefully from some exotic location as those fifty cent coins keep rolling in.

earning money selling photos online
Someone waiting for their breakfast

Like my photos? – if you feel like contributing to my coffers, please click the link to buy either my photos from the micro-stock site 123RF, or products from my store, EnsoCreations. Cheers! 

9 Thoughts on “On Making 50 Cents

  1. Ah yes, I just made 22p from the sale of a mousemat with one of my lino prints on it – living the high life 😀

  2. Well done! I bet you double your income next week! I’ve thought of doing this, but it seems a lot of work for small rewards…..

    • anneharrison on November 23, 2017 at 9:58 pm said:

      Just doing it for the fun. I’m ridiculously excited that someone, somewhere, has bought one of my photos!

  3. I’m laughing; I’m saying congratulations; and I’m also hoping that your foray into earning money from your photos online will pick up!

    • anneharrison on November 27, 2017 at 7:37 am said:

      So do I Leslie! Glad you liked the post (was worried some people might take it seriously) xx

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