Ariadnes’ Thread

Ariadne’s Thread

Rolling over, I bumped into the wall and woke with a start – our bed isn’t against a wall. For a few moments, with the vulture of sleep hovering nearby in the darkness, I had no idea where I was. Vulture of sleep. Must add it to my list. I liked it, with its images of that guy who was forever having his liver pecked out, only for it to re-grow every night. Now that would be fun to sleep through. Not like he got an anæsthetic.
Still a bit dazed, I peered around in the darkness. Neither the light of the stars, nor a streetlight, filled the blank void. I actually hadn’t rolled into the wall; I wasn’t even in bed. I’d hit the back of the couch – the short one. My foot tingled from dangling over the armrest. The other, slightly more comfortable sofa had already been commandeered by the time I made it back to the common room.
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