The Light of New Zealand


Despite being so close, I find the lands of Australia and New Zealand are so different. Three hours by plane (it takes me five hours to fly from Sydney to Perth) and suddenly the landscape is long and thin, with snow-topped mountains reaching towards my plane. Even the light of New Zealand is different.


The light of New Zealand
A coming storm over snow-capped mountains

Australia is vast, her sky stretching forever. Many countries lay claim to an endless horizon, but adventure outside our cities and you can feel the age of the land under your feet as the world expands in all directions. Drive for hours, and little changes. The horizon comes no closer.


The light of New Zealand
Black riders, anyone?

New Zealand, by contrast, is Aotearoa – The Land of the Long White Cloud. Clouds readily gather above her mountain ranges, seen so easily from a plane or from sea. Even the light of New Zealand differs to home. Perhaps it is softened by the moisture in the air, or the lush growth which lies all around. Little wonder the food here is so delicious.

Even the bubbling mud is beautiful

At sea or on land the light makes for great photography, from volcanos to the ocean itself, landscapes to pools of bubbling mud


The light of New Zealand
White Island silhouetted against the sunset.

I’m jealous of her mountains – we have nothing like them at home. Mountains rising from the water – incredible. Then there’s the light reflected from the snow, or the haze of sunlight caught between the sheer cliff faces.


The light of New Zealand
The fjord of Milford Sound

Tones of blue and grey occur everywhere, from beaches covered with pebbles to  the landscape of the wilderness. These colours touch all my pictures.


The light of New Zealand
A pebble beach stretches to the sea

There are no crowds in New Zealand. Often when driving we would pass few cars; it’s easy to get loss in back roads, taking photos of whatever caught my eye. No special equipment, other than my collection of lens. The light and landscape did all the work.

The light of New Zealand
A warm fence in the evening light

I hope to visit one day in summer, when twilight lingers late. I would love to see the light; I’m guessing it will be spectacular.


The light of New Zealand
A study in blue

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9 Thoughts on “The Light of New Zealand

  1. My dominant memories of Aotearoa is from winter, though I was fortunate I didn’t experience a lot of rain. There is very distinct light that’s apparent in the South Island in winter. I too would very much like to see Aotearoa in the light of long summer days.

  2. Your photos of NZ just amazing .. magic! Thank you so much for sharing 😃

  3. If you get two comments from me good! I just loved this post .. beautiful, stunning photos of a very special place 😃

    • anneharrison on December 27, 2017 at 8:34 pm said:

      Thank you – two comments is fine! I’m so glad you loved my photos. I just loved New Zealand, it really is a magical place.

  4. New Zealand looks like heaven trough your lens!

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