Two Worlds in France

Not the best photo, perhaps, but I just love these road signs in France. They take me straight back to old war movies, often in black and white with one army in retreat as another advances. Or perhaps watching a newsreel from WWII.

This sign greeted me outside where I was staying in Bayeux, en route to Mont St Michel, a place where I continued my ponderings over the paradox of time.

One of the delights of travelling: finding those little things which immediately transport me to a past I thought vanished, but instead simply run parallel to our own world.

4 Thoughts on “Two Worlds in France

  1. The B/W makes your point

  2. I loved how your linked “paradox of time” article so elegantly joined butter-making and Mont Saint Michel together. In future, when I need an excuse for being late, I shall have to remember that the universe is expanding.

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