Where a Witch Doctor Stays – Changi Crowne Plaza Singapore

Crowne Plaza Hotel,  Changi Airport, Singapore



The colours of Singapore
The colours of Singapore

I’ve always been wary of airport hotels, but the Changi Crowne Plaza proved an impressive exception. I literally walked from customs (carry on luggage only as bags were checked through to the next day’s flight), down a flight of stairs and into the foyer. It was that simple. No shuttle buses, no ‘short’ taxi rides.

The subdued lighting of the foyer gave a timeless ambience perfect for international travellers with body clocks running at all different times. Decorations were quiet but elegant, giving character to the place where many airport hotels are completely soulless. Despite being at an airport, our room was quiet – and I even enjoyed looking over the tarmac at the planes. The blinds were heavy to allow for darkness and sleep at any time of day. No noise reached us from the other rooms.

Joss sticks in a temple
Joss sticks in a temple

As my husband slept I had a wander, trying to keep up my exercise while travelling. The humidity of Singapore hits you as soon as you step outside – the hotel has excellent air conditioning for a tropical country. The pool area proved lovely for a refreshing swim. I managed some laps as others lazed about, drinking cocktails, or pretending to work on their laptops (by a pool? Really?). As I swam the afternoon storm clouds rolled in, and soon fat raindrops fell about me.

For dinner we caught a taxi into town for chilli mud crab – taxis were a plenty, and it was just as easy to

Singapore's famous chilli-mud crab
Singapore’s famous chilli-mud crab

find one to take us back to the hotel. Our flight left early the next morning, so breakfast (included) was at the hotel. Service was prompt, efficient and with no fuss – the staff are obviously used to moving travellers through quickly to catch flights. The breakfast was buffet style, offering an impressive range of Western and Asian foods – all impressively fresh, as there were ample customers to maintain a high turnover. Afterwards, checkout was brief and efficient so we still had plenty of time for that short walk back to the airport and a quick massage for a 7.30 am departure.

Highly recommended, will return.

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